Cleaning validation training

Published: 29-Sep-2017

A practical course exploring the the issues and pitfalls experienced when conducting cleaning validation

Course Overview

This is a practical based course, that explores the issues and pitfalls you may experience when performing cleaning validation. Help, guidance and training is given on techniques to overcome the issues in order to achieve a successful outcome.

After an introduction to the overall objectives, the course then covers process design, pitfalls and associated validation issues including sampling and testing. The course is designed so that the most important and fundamental issues associated with cleaning validation or verification are broken down and explained. Numerous practical exercises are run throughout, providing clear demonstrations of techniques to employ.



This training is designed for those with responsibility for the design, execution, or validation of cleaning processes, which may include operations managers and personnel, validation specialists, quality assurance and quality control managers, production engineers, microbiologists, quality systems auditors and supplier auditors.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will:

  • appreciate the need to validate or verify your plant cleaning
  • fully understand the documentation and legal requirements
  • understand and be able to carry out the important operation of ‘Walking the Plant’
  • recognise good and bad practices
  • be able to calculate acceptance criteria
  • be able to clearly identify what constitutes visually clean
  • be aware of the issues surrounding sampling and testing techniques
  • appreciate the importance of analytical method validation.

About the Tutor

Brian Hammond has more than 40 years experience in quality compliance and system validation in the pharmaceutical sector. His particular expertise in cleaning validation covers all aspects from design of cleaning validation plans and protocols, to practical advice and training on swab testing and visual inspection.

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