Cobra Biologics and Recopharma enter agreement


To use MaxXpress cell line development service from Cobra to supply Fc fusion protein

Cobra Biologics, a manufacturer of biologics and pharmaceuticals is to supply a human Fc fusion protein to Recopharma using its maxXpress service.

Cobra Biologics will apply its maxXpress service to deliver a programme of vector construction using Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Elements (UCOE) technology, transfectant pool generation, and supply, purification and protein characterisation.

The company says the service will allow Recopharma to form a quick and reliable assessment on the specific expertise of Cobra’s cell line development and analytical scientist teams.

Recopharma has developed a technology that uses mucins, naturally occurring proteins produced by epithelial tissues with many potential applications. The FC fused mucins will provide a natural alternative to ocular lubricants and tear substitutes that are at present available and set to be used as a treatment and prophylactic that tackles viral conjunctivitis.

Peter Coleman CEO of Cobra Biologics said: ‘Cobra’s maxXpress service allows customers to make a fast assessment as to whether the UCOE technology and cell development team are the best combination to take their protein forward to clinical trials.’

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Jan Holgersson, CEO/CSO of Recopharma, added: ‘A cell pool providing good yields will be an important commercial milestone on our path towards clinical studies with our dry eye disease lead compound.’