Colorcon adds Opadry amb II to portfolio


A new film coating system for moisture barrier protection of pharmaceutical tablets

US coating specialist Colorcon claims to have made a significant advancement in protection for pharmaceutical products sensitive to environmental moisture conditions with the introduction of Opadry amb II, a fully formulated high performance moisture barrier film coating.

Pigmented and clear options are available, resulting in tablets with a glossy finish and well-defined logos without having an impact on dissolution.

Cornelis van den Muyzenberg, Colorcon’s Vice President of Global Business Development, said Opadry amb II provides significantly better protection than other moisture barrier coatings.

'The improved moisture shield helps guard core active ingredients and supports final product stability,' he said.

This is particularly important when tablets are packaged in bottles or when pharmacies, patients or healthcare workers remove them from primary packaging.

For the development of Opadry amb II Colorcon identified and used a new technology to measure and substantiate the rate of moisture adsorption.

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'We are pleased to be able to bring this product to market, helping our customers improve manufacturing efficiency with reduced production time, while improving final product quality and in-use shelf life,' van den Muyzenberg added.