Colorcon launches Nutra Natural Advantage Coatings

Published: 28-Jun-2017

Colorcon announced the launch of its Nutra Natural Advantage Coatings, developed specifically to meet the needs of today’s global nutraceutical supplement manufacturers

The Nutra family of formulated film coatings include the brands Nutrafinish, Nutrapure and Nutrateric, each designed to provide enhanced tablet appearance and best in class coating productivity.

Nutrafinish Dietary Supplement Coatings are specially formulated to offer a choice of non-synthetic or natural colour options to meet the increasing consumer demands for label friendly ingredients; while Nutrafinish Moisture Protection Coatings address the industry need to improve stability and enhance shelf life particularly for hygroscopic formulations.

Existing brands Nutrapure the world’s first certified organic coating for nutritional and dietary supplements and Nutrateric Nutritional Enteric Coating Systems, are now integrated into this new nutritional platform.

Kelly Boyer, General Manager of Film Coatings, said: “Nutra, Natural Advantage Coatings are supported by Colorcon’s extensive network of tablet design, technical and regulatory professionals to assist in developing a finished consumer health product with the competitive edge needed to drive business growth.

"Our in depth knowledge of colourant regulations, market data, design tools and technical support help speed products to market in this highly competitive environment."

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