Considering alternative water sources with Veolia

Published: 12-Mar-2018

Veolia Water Technologies offers a variety of solutions to help companies cope with interruptions in mains water supplies and effective reuse and recycling technologies to reduce overall demand

A continuous supply of water is essential for many industries and disruptions to water supplies, for example through burst pipes or drought, can significantly harm productivity or in some cases completely stop production.

According to the company, Veolia can help customers to evaluate how they use water and provide recommendations to make operations more efficient, helping to lower overall water demands and insulate businesses against water shortages.

If municipal water supplies are interrupted for business, Veolia offers a variety of technologies to help make the most of alternative water sources.

For example, rainwater or water from boreholes can be used in boilers or cooling towers with minimal treatment and the company’s product range includes a number of solutions to enable rapid and cost-effective harvesting of rainwater and surface run-off which, once installed, can provide a supply of ‘free’ water.

For higher purity water demands, Veolia can provide a wide range of systems – including clarifiers, RO systems and deionisers, which offer effective treatment of river or reservoir water, helping to ensure a secure alternative supply.

Reusing and recycling wastewater can also help to reduce reliance on mains water supplies. Water recovery systems involving filtration, RO and clarification steps can be used to help reuse and recycle water on site, preventing hundreds of thousands of litres of wastewater entering the sewage system, reducing overall consumption and potentially offering significant financial savings.

Kalpesh Shah, Industrial Sales Manager at Veolia Water Technologies, said: “As the burst water mains and leaks caused by the ‘big thaw’ continue to disrupt UK water supplies, it is important to consider how complementary water sources can be used to safeguard your business operations against water shortages."

"Veolia has invested significantly in the development of efficient and robust technologies to help our customers exploit these alternative sources, as well as to reuse and recycle effluent to reduce their reliance on municipal water supplies.”

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