Copley launches a new semi-automation tool for inhaled product testing


A flexible, easy-to-use solution for higher productivity aerodynamic particle size distribution measurements

Copley launches a new semi-automation tool for inhaled product testing

Copley Scientific, the global leader in inhaled product testing equipment, has launched the new Gentle Rocker 100i, a simple, cost-effective device that boosts the productivity and repeatability of aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) measurements with the Next Generation Impactor (NGI). APSD is a critical quality attribute for all orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs) and routinely measured with the NGI. The new Gentle Rocker 100i offers:

  • Method flexibility, enabling agitation at speeds across the range 10 to 60 rpm
  • Touchscreen operation with clearly displayed test parameters, time elapsed monitoring and audible alarm options
  • Convenient tilting functionality to facilitate effective solution sampling post drug recovery
  • Efficient reporting including data transfer to printer or PC
  • An optional evaporation cover (with seals) for volatile solvent handling

The recovery of drug from each collection cup is a critical but time-consuming element of APSD measurement with the NGI. It involves dispensing a defined aliquot of solvent into each cup, followed by agitation to ensure complete drug dissolution. The Gentle Rocker 100i holds a full tray of collection cups and applies a consistent, defined agitation pattern to ensure well-controlled and complete drug dissolution. It enables the application of specific, reproducible methods and easy method transfer, delivering reliable results and a lighter analytical workload.

The Gentle Rocker 100i is just one of a range of semi-automation tools that Copley provides for inhaled product testing. Together these products support a stepwise approach to the automation of test methods that remain predominantly manual in many labs. This approach minimises risk while maximising return on investment and maintaining the flexibility to test multiple products.

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