Copley launches automated impaction surface coating and drug dissolution solution

Published: 26-Apr-2023

The IG 200i headlines a suite of new solutions from Copley, the world’s leading supplier of inhaler testing equipment

The new Impactor Genie IG 200i from Copley Scientific is a cost and space efficient semi-automation tool for regulatory and compendial aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) measurement with either the Andersen Cascade Impactor (ACI) or Next Generation Impactor (NGI), the impactors of choice for most orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs). A two-in-one unit that automates both impaction surface coating and drug dissolution, it improves the speed and productivity of inhaler testing while at the same time reducing variability. 

The IG 200i headlines a suite of new solutions from Copley, the world’s leading supplier of inhaler testing equipment, that brings first-in-class semi-automation solutions for the ACI and NGI. The full line-up includes the new Impactor Coater IC 200i, for collection plate and cup coating, and the enhanced Gentle Rocker GR 200i, for drug dissolution; the IG 200i combines the functionality of both. Selecting the option best aligned with laboratory workflows ensures a cost-efficient outcome for every customer.

“These solutions extend valued semi-automation capabilities for the NGI to the ACI. Compact and easy to use, the IG 200i lightens the manual workload when working with either impactor at the same time improving data integrity and easing method transfer,” said Matthew Fenn, Head of Business Development at Copley, “Its dual functionality preserves precious bench space allowing analysts to switch easily between cup coating and drug dissolution as required. A great addition to our semi-automation line-up, the IG 200i is a sound investment for both ACI and NGI users that releases analyst time for higher-value tasks.’

Coating impaction surfaces with a tacky viscous solution minimises the risk of particle bounce, a known cause of inaccurate measurement, notably for dry powder inhalers. Following size fractionation of the delivered dose, drug is recovered from each collection plate or cup of an impactor via dissolution, to generate an APSD for the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s). This too is a manually intensive process that can give rise to variability in the resulting data.

The IG 200i:

  • Accommodates either a complete set of NGI Collection Cups or ACI Collection Plates.
  • Is compatible with a wide range of coating solutions.
  • Applies a uniform coating to each individual collection cup/plate in as little as two minutes using a precision multichannel dispenser.
  • Supports a range of drug recovery methods, with an adjustable rocking speed in the range 10 – 60 rpm.
  • Has a tilting function to aid sample collection.

Find out more about the IG 200i, the IC 200i and the GR 200i to determine the best choice to improve your inhaler testing practice, here.

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