Corning expands microcarrier product line for bioprocess scale-up

Published: 7-Nov-2013

The range now includes four microcarriers for large-scale vaccine and cell therapy manufacturing

Corning has expanded its microcarrier product line for bioprocess scale-up with the addition of four new microcarriers for large-scale vaccine and cell therapy manufacturing. The microcarriers are offered with various surface treatments and coatings to enhance cell attachment, helping maximise cell yield and viability.

Corning Synthemax II coating, for example, creates a synthetic surface on the microcarriers for stem cell expansion. Low-concentration microcarriers are available for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) applications. High-concentration microcarriers are available for induced pluripotent and stem cell (iPS/ES) applications. Corning CellBIND is a surface treatment that infuses the surface of the microcarriers with oxygen to improve cell attachment.

The latest Corning microcarrier offerings are sterile, ready-to-use, and available as closed-system solutions. They can be used directly with bioreactors, are non-pyrogenic, and are made with USP Class VI polystyrene material to provide a consistent platform for improved results.

Corning also offers PureCoat ECM Mimetic cultureware, coated with covalently attached, chemically synthesised collagen I or fibronectin peptides. This offers a synthetic, animal-free surface that enables researchers to move closer to animal-free, defined cell culture without compromising performance.

The new products extend the company’s ongoing scale-up offerings such as CellSTACK and HYPERStack vessels, spinner flasks, and advanced cell culture media solutions.

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