Corning showcases benefits of Valor glass at CPhI in Frankfurt, Germany

Published: 26-Oct-2017

The company says the glass eliminates problems of delamination in vials

Valor glass was launched in the US in late July, in collaboration with Merck and Pfizer, and is designed to mitigate several longstanding issues with the performance of current pharmaceutical glass packaging.

The company says the glass offers several benefits to both pharmaceutical manufacturers and to patients receiving injections.

It offers superior chemical durability with low extractable concentrations, making Valor Glass containers ideally suited to eliminate delamination and protect drug products. Glass delamination can cause adverse patient events and lead to costly corporate recalls for drug manufacturers.

It also resists damage and breakage during pharmaceutical processing and transit, as well as during in-home and clinical settings. It also prevents cracks that may lead to contamination, loss of sterility, or product recalls. It substantially reduces particulate generation during bulk filling operations, thereby reducing the risk of particle contamination and enables smoother filling operations with fewer glass-related interventions.

“We are excited to showcase Valor Glass for the first time at an industry event. The response from the industry and our customers since we announced Valor Glass in July has been exceptional,” said Ron Verkleeren, general manager and vice president of Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. “We are leveraging our expertise in glass science, optical physics, vapor deposition, precision forming, and extrusion to deliver a 21st-century glass to protect medicines.”

JohnTobin, Vice President, Director Commercial Operations, Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies, said that with the new glass “the generation of glass particles is reduced by up to 96%”.

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