Crescendo Biologics expands ADC programmes with Innovate UK grant


Award will support development of new therapies to target prostate cancer

Cambridge, UK-based Crescendo Biologics is expanding its antibody drug conjugate (ADC) programme following the receipt of a Biomedical Catalyst Award from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. The award will enable the company to validate and develop Humabody Drug Conjugates (HDCs), a novel product format based on Crescendo’s Humabody antibody fragment technology which has potential for the treatment of a range of solid tumours.

Crescendo’s HDCs combine the targeting specificity of Humabody VH fragments with highly-potent toxin payloads. They are the smallest antibody fragments (12kD) and as such have the potential for rapid, affinity-driven penetration of solid tumours and fast clearance from systemic circulation. This results in a high tumour-to-blood ratio and reduced systemic toxicity, thereby enhancing therapeutic index.

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The new Humabody programme will involve Crescendo collaborating with 'an established player in the ADC space' on the conjugation of a highly potent toxin to a Humabody fragment targeting prostate cancer.