Crown Bioscience offers new OmniScreen cell screening service

Published: 13-Jul-2016

For drug discovery programmes related to oncology

Crown Bioscience, a drug discovery and development services company providing translational platforms to advance oncology and metabolic disease research, has launched the OmniScreen cell panel screening platform, a new cell line screening service for oncology drug discovery programmes.

OmniScreen will be run on a cycled schedule every three months, allowing clients to select from three panels of cell lines that are most suitable for their needs. The firm says this approach provides a more cost-effective solution for researchers because it runs multiple compounds simultaneously on a fixed schedule. The service also increases the flexibility of screening and template designs, allowing subpanels of cell lines to meet the needs of a wider range of clients.

'Researchers enrolling their compounds in OmniScreen will be given access to a private, secure online account where they can observe their data in real time to generate reports for further analysis,' said Qian Shi, CrownBio's Vice President of cancer pharmacology and in vitro cancer biology.

OmniScreen includes three speciality sub-panels, including OmniPanel, XenoSelect and RNAseq. OmniPanel includes a total of 352 cancer cell lines, supporting screening for drug response across genomically diverse cancer lines.

XenoSelect includes 158 cancer cell lines, from which CrownBio has already developed corresponding xenograft models, to move lead compounds from in vitro to in vivo testing.

RNAseq includes 139 cancer cell lines that are better aimed to biomarker discovery.

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