DSM to sell APIs made by Indoco Remedies

Part of the planned global expansion of DSM

DSM Pharmaceutical Products (DPP) is to sell eight active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manufactured by Indian firm Indoco Remedies of Mumbai, India, in a new agreement that is a step forward in DSM’s planned global expansion.

The APIs are used in the production of pharmaceutical finished dosages.

‘This is a step in our announced strategy to accelerate growth via partnerships and expansion in Asia to build a product portfolio alongside our custom manufacturing operations, supplying access to high demand treatments,’ said Alexander Wessels, president and chief executive of DSM Pharmaceutical Products.

‘It allows DPP to build a competence base in India.’

Indoco Remedies’ chairman and md Suresh Kare added: “Today in the era of alliances and partnerships, organisations are coming together to penetrate and capture a larger share of the potential opportunities in the market place. Indoco is active in forging such alliances and this one with DSM is a step in that direction.’