Determining water quality in the smallest space

Sensor cube for SAC measurement with the Bürkert online analysis system

The sensor cube for SAC assessment with the Buerkert online analysis system provides an important analysis parameter for water preparation

To determine the quantity of dissolved organic compounds in a water sample, the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) is measured at 254nm. To integrate this important parameter of water in analysis in its online system, OALab, Bürkert has miniaturised the measuring principle and integrated it in a sensor cube for OALab.

The SAC sensor cube measures only 44mm x 100mm x 158mm and can be used with a handle while the Bürkert OALab is running. It automatically conducts an optofluidic measurement of the water sample, including all calculations, averaging and corrections and transmits the result - the SAC value of the water - to the EDIP (efficient device integration platform), which enables intelligent networking of all electronic Bürkert devices.

The sensor consists of a lamp module with a Xenon flash lamp, a spectroscope and the electronics with integrated software. The software independently induces measuring cycles once the sensor is connected. During the measurement, the light pulse of the lamp passes through an opening at a 90° angle to a cuvette consisting of two sapphire windows. Sample water continuously flows through the cuvette. The light passes through a lens, an aperture, optical grid and a focusing lens to the 1.5mm detector array.

A complete, fully automatic microspectrometer for water samples the size of an OALab sensor cube is a pioneering innovation and underscores the microfluidic and system solution expertise of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems.

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