Diana 300 - perfection from the first drop

Published: 21-Apr-2022

The instrument offers full compliance with ASTM D86 and ISO 3405

For customers who frequently have to measure similar fuel types and require an economical initial investment, Diana 300 – with its outstanding price-performance ratio – is the perfect choice. Diana 300 is an automatic distillation analyser fully compliant with ASTM D86 and ISO 3405, providing an essential ease of use and productivity along with Anton Paar’s renowned service quality.

The instrument, a strong addition to the broader Diana distillation analyser series portfolio, offers:

  • Full compliance with ASTM D86 and ISO 3405
  • An intuitive, tailored user interface
  • Multiple preconfigured test methods for sample-specific heat parameters
  • A safety-condition monitoring system
  • Storage of up to 200 measurement results
  • The quality-and-care seal of Anton Paar service and support

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