Dishman celebrates a decade of success since acquisition of Carbogen Amcis

A significant milestone of growth and development in Indian-Swiss business relations

Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals (DPCL), an outsourcing partner for the global pharmaceutical industry, has marked the 10-year anniversary of its acquisition of Carbogen Amcis.

Carbogen Amcis (headquartered in Bubendorf, Switzerland) and Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals (headquartered in Ahmedabad, India) are both suppliers of complex services and products for the global pharmaceutical industry. In addition, each company belongs to the high-tech end of their country’s respective field.

'The acquisition by the Dishman Group of two pharmaceutical businesses from the company formerly known as Solutia Europe, which together formed Carbogen Amcis, is a brilliant example of the impressive achievements companies can make through collaboration,' said Mark Griffiths, CEO, Dishman Group. 'I am very proud of all our employees’ contributions to a decade of not only team work and business relationships, but also the sharing of cultures between India and Switzerland.'

More than 380 official representatives, customers, business partners, investors and employees gathered to celebrate this success during a Fusion event in Bubendorf on 11 August.

A portion of the ceremony paid tribute to J.R. Vyas, Chairman, Owner of the Dishman Group and Founder of Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd.

'The ceremony gave us an opportunity to thank Mr Vyas for his 10-year contribution to the success of this collaboration,' said Griffiths. 'His achievement in seamlessly bringing two cultures together is remarkable, and I look forward to watching him lead Dishman Group into further growth and expansion for years to come.'

'Loyal clients, consistent quality confirmed through numerous successful audits by international regulators, as well as further planned expansions, make a bright future for Dishman Group,' commented Vyas. 'I am honoured to play a role in continuing to build a positive outlook for Indian-Swiss collaborative business ventures.'

Since 2006, both companies have played crucial roles for the group’s growth. The Dishman Manchester site was successfully integrated into Carbogen Amcis in 2007, followed by the integration of the Shanghai site in 2015.

Carbogen Amcis’ footprint and capacity expanded through additional site acquisitions (Riom, France in 2012; Vionnaz, Switzerland in 2014) and the recently announced facility expansion in Bubendorf through the acquisition of land and buildings of GEA Pharma Systems.

Today, the multimillion dollar service provider operates ten sites (two in India, one in Netherlands, four in Switzerland, one in the UK, one in France and one in China), employing more than 2000 employees, and records a highly successful audit history.