Dr Steven Chatfield, an advisor to the vaccines task force during the COVID pandemic, joins Stablepharma

Stablepharma is delighted to announce that Dr Steven Chatfield, an internationally recognised expert in the field of vaccines and infectious disease, has joined the advisory board

With more than 40 years of experience in the life sciences industry, he has spent much of his career in R&D, executive and advisory board roles within the private and public healthcare sector.

He is an expert in the research, development, manufacture and commercialisation of vaccines and joins Stablepharma to initially advise on, and progress the launch of Stablepharma’s SPVX02, a fridge-free vaccine for the prevention of Tetanus and diphtheria. 

Özgür Tuncer, CEO and Executive Director of Stablepharma, said: “We are very fortunate to have an expert of the calibre and experience of Dr Chatfield."

"With his extensive knowledge of the vaccine industry, he will guide us through first-in-human clinical trials of SPVX02 (Tetanus diphtheria) and SPVX06 (Tetanus mono) vaccines. His advice on the manufacture and commercialisation of the vaccines, as we move forward, will be invaluable to our launch success.”

Dr Chatfield works as a consultant to the biopharma industry and has a proven track record of success through all stages of product discovery and development leading to registration, and has provided expert advice on vaccines, vaccination and public health issues, including biodefence.

“I am delighted to join the advisory board of Stablepharma, to assist the team in developing a platform that can provide thermostable vaccines. The pandemic highlighted the need for vaccines that do not require a cold chain and this approach has the potential to transform the way that vaccines are distributed and deployed globally,” said Dr Chatfield.

“This is an exciting time for Stablepharma. We have made significant progress in the past 12 months, signing two exclusive supply agreements with BB–NICPD (Bul Bio), formally starting the development of SPVX02, receiving formal scientific advice from MHRA and EMA, and paving the way forward to make fridge-free vaccines a reality."

"Our R&D Team have identified up to 60 vaccines that could be converted to fridge-free forms through strategic partnerships,” added Özgür Tuncer.

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