Ductless hoods offer laboratories huge energy savings

Published: 29-Nov--0001

Camlab, a scientific supplier based in Cambridge, UK, has added energy efficient and environmentally friendly Erlab ductless fume hoods and storage cabinets to its laboratory furniture range. The fume hoods are said to reduce energy bills by up to 96% by re-circulating and purifying the laboratory air rather than replacing it, preserving heated air in the winter and cooled air in summer.

“Although traditional ducted fume hoods have been prevalent in the UK for many years and appear to offer a straightforward solution to the problem of laboratory fumes, the environmental and energy saving benefits of ductless fume cabinets are becoming more and more apparent,” said David Miller, head of business, water and environmental at Camlab.

The Erlab Safety Programme (ESP), a combination of three services, is offered to support the new ductless fume hoods. These include Valiquest, which determines the most appropriate filtering fume hood for total safety; Valipass, which certifies and secures the framework of use for the fume hood at installation; and Valiguard, which reinforces safety during on-going applications with constant monitoring of the filtering fume hood, using Camlab’s free automated reminder service.


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