Essentra launches new healthcare packaging solutions

Published: 11-Jun-2015

Innovative solutions for patient information leaflets address cost-saving drive in pharma packaging

Global pharmaceutical packaging supplier Essentra has launched two new products in the US. The company says that Plurium Booklet and Combopack demonstrate its ability to identify current and upcoming industry challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Plurium is a booklet with up to five sheets (total of 10 pages) glued on one edge, which provides the following benefits:

  • No foreign parts, i.e. metal staples, that can potentially lead to injuries;
  • Fully recyclable;
  • Improved features that can be tailored to customer specifications, such as multi-language texts within the same leaflet but easily identifiable on separate pages (each of which can be separated from the full booklet), and coloured pages and sections.

ComboPack technology enables leaflets to be inserted and fixed within cartons prior to the production line, meaning that Essentra's customers receive the full product and do not need to add leaflet-packing capability into their own lines.

'Customers look to us to develop tailored solutions, which take into account the size of their business, their operational capabilities, and the quantity of products they wish to produce,' said Malcolm Waugh, Managing Director, Health & Personal Care Packaging at Essentra.

'Our two new products demonstrate our commitment to innovation and to meeting the rapidly changing requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector with a highly flexible, responsive and competitive approach.'

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