FMD: six months, six thoughts

Published: 9-Aug-2018

Today marks exactly 6 months before the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) comes into force

On 9 February, 2019, more than 30 countries in the European Economic Area will have new rules for coding and verifying prescription medicines.

We’ve had 2.5 years of the 3 year implementation window now: what conclusions can we draw and what recommendations can be made?

Mark Davison, Senior Operations Director, rfxcel, insists you ACT NOW! Here are six short reflections.

It will happen: Those of you waiting for Brussels or Brexit to cancel FMD are wasting your time. Even if there is a delay, FMD is not going away and the UK is tied to it until at least Dec 2020. Will everything be ready by February? No, quite clearly not, especially at pharmacy level. That doesn’t mean the whole project will stop.

It’s too late: If you’re a marketing authorisation holder (MAH) and still need to convert production lines then it is too late to be ready. You have two options. You can make excess inventory, release it before February, and hope it lasts until your lines are ready, or you can send your finished goods to a contract manufacturer (CMO) for coding. Both inconvenient, but you’re still in business.

It isn’t too late: There is still time to get ready if you just need software to manage and report serial numbers (to the European Medicines Verification Organisation, EMVO, for example) or if you’re a downstream distributor or pharmacy needing to verify and decommission packs. If you haven’t started, but can make quick decisions and take standard options, ACT NOW, and you could have your software implemented within the next few months.

Choose experience rather than price: Saving a few thousand Euros using unproven but cheap serialisation vendors is a false economy if you can’t sell or dispense products by next February. It is too late for home-made solutions or inexperienced me-too suppliers. Competition means that prices are already pretty keen amongst the market leaders. Don’t chase the last cent.

KISS: Simple FMD projects work best. Only make system linkages you need. Usually (for manufacturers) that means MAH to CMO and MAH to EMVO. For distributors and dispensers it means to your national system (NMVO). There is the ability to integrate with your FMD solution, with the planning software, warehouse system, dispensing software or your Apple Watch if you want to. It’s not just for those items on the critical path for FMD compliance. Starting with a standalone approach as part of a roadmap to deeper integration is the best balance of risk and ROI.

Adapt processes, train people: For every Euro spent on vendor technology, several Euros need to be spent on your own people and processes to bend them into shape. Don’t skimp on this bit. Pack-level traceability changes everything all along the supply chain. If people continue with old ways of working, your FMD project will fail: expensively.

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