Filtration Society meeting attracts delegates from seven countries

Published: 16-Nov-2011

Filter Media 5 focused on filter media and combined a training session, conference and exhibition

A record number of delegates from seven countries attended the Filtration Society two-day technical meeting held in October.

Filter Media 5 was the fifth international event focused on filter media and combined a training session, conference and exhibition.

Professor Richard Wakeman and Dr Steven Tarleton, co-authors of The Dictionary of Filtration and Separation, presented a short course on the opening day, which introduced seasoned scientists and newcomers to the latest developments in filter media.

‘In addition to the quality technical content, one of the reasons for the popularity of the training course is that it is very time efficient, taking delegates away from the office or laboratory for just one day,’ said Dr Graham Rideal, former chairman of The Filtration Society, and chief executive of Whitehouse Scientific.

The main conference featured presentations from EP Minerals, Outotec, Colbond, Filtration Solutions, Porex Filtration, GKD – Geb, Palas and Whitehouse Scientific and covered a range of novel filter media and performance testing methods.

Abstracts are available on The Filtration Society website, at, with a complete bound set of notes offered for purchase.

The second day of Filter Media 5 featured the popular ‘Technology Burst’ from the exhibitors: G Bopp, Croft Services, Helapet, Palas, Ralph G Wilson, TSI, and Whitehouse Scientific.

‘After the resounding success of Filter Media 5 we are now looking forward to the 2012 meetings,’ said Dr Rideal. ‘The current schedule includes a range of filtration related conferences culminating in the main event of the year: Filter Testing and Characterisation in October. Such is the interest in this topic that the event will now be over three days and will be open to anyone involved in the subject.’

Founded in London in 1964, the Filtration Society is a charitable organisation and its primary objectives are to promote r&d, transfer existing technologies into new applications, and to advance the fields of filtration and separation.

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