Further expansion for EMS-Dottikon

Published: 1-Nov-2002

EMS-Dottikon has completed the construction of its cGMP drying plant and was due to begin its first major trials in October 2002, drying and packaging a cGMP intermediate for a major multinational pharmaceutical company. The Class 100,000 drying/sieving/packaging cleanroom facility houses a 1000l Hastelloy spherical dryer capable of operating at 0.5 millibar. It is equipped with an integral sieve, blender and packaging mechanism, maximising product recovery. There is also a Hastelloy tray dryer and allowance for future installation of two dryers with volumes up to 2500l each. Total built out capacity will be 300-500 tonnes per year of dried product depending on product mix. The new investment, combined with the recent completion of a cGMP kilo lab, brings together a 'kilo to ton' manufacturing technology tool box at the manufacturing site in Dottikon, Switzerland.

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