Glide Pharma to work with Nypro Healthcare for scale-up of delivery device

Glide SDI injects drugs and vaccines in a solid dosage form without requiring a needle

The Glide SDI is easy to use

Glide Pharma has agreed with global device manufacturer Nypro Healthcare to complete the design optimisation of its solid dose injector in preparation for production scale-up.

Glide Pharma’s delivery system, the Glide SDI, injects drugs and vaccines in a solid dosage form without requiring a needle. It comprises a novel tiny solid dosage that is pushed into the skin with a small, hand-held, spring-powered device, where it dissolves and releases the drug into the body. Nypro Healthcare will work with Glide Pharma to ensure that the design of the device and its components are optimised for manufacturing scale up and to ensure that patient requirements, including self-administration, are met.

‘This agreement marks a milestone for our Glide SDI device as it will enable us to complete the final phase of development prior to production scale up,’ said Dr Mark Carnegie-Brown, CEO, Glide Pharma.

Glide’s solid dose formulations are said to eliminate the risk of needle-stick injuries and avoid time-consuming reconstitution. They also have the potential to modify the release of medicines and to improve stability, removing the need for refrigeration. The one-click action, pen-sized device is extremely easy to use, with medicines supplied in pre-filled disposable cassettes, making it suitable for self-administration.