Honeywell launches ATEX-ventilated suit

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Designed to protect workers in potentially explosive atmospheres in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Honeywell has launched a new antistatic and chemical resistant, ventilated suit designed to protect workers in potentially explosive atmospheres in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Hapichem, constructed of a chemical resistant material (CHEM) with a high protection factor (PF>50,000), offers a reliable barrier against high potency pharmaceutical ingredients and is ATEX-certified to meet European Union requirements for use of protective clothing in explosive atmospheres.

'The new ventilated suit meets a growing customer demand for personal protection against both dangerous chemical agents and electrostatic risks,' said David Guiho, strategic product manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEA. 'Individuals who deal with chemical agents need specific protection and existing solutions do not provide satisfactory levels of comfort and protection. The new suit is ideal for operations where the air is polluted with particles and where both clothing and respiratory protection are necessary.'

When respiratory, body, antistatic and chemical protection are required, workers would normally need to wear three different items: ventilated hood; a high chemical resistance, non-ventilated suit; and antistatic overshoes. Hapichem offers this combined protection in a single piece of personal protective equipment, saving costs while also ensuring the highest level of protection. This halogen-free suit can also be incinerated after use.

The single-use clothing is fully compliant with the latest EN 14605/A1: 2009 (protective clothing for use against liquid chemicals), EN 1073-1: 1998 (protective clothing against radioactive contamination) and EN 1149-5: 2008: Antistatic (electrostatic protection when correctly earthed) standards. Specially designed for breathable air networks with low pressure, the suit’s low air consumption enables more operators to be connected to the same air network. The patented back Y-shape integrated air ventilation enables users to sit down or work on their knees safely.

The high mechanical and chemical resistance of its skin, visor and sealed seams as well as its double tight zipper and patented magnetic exhaust valve reduce the risk of contamination, while the orange safety strip on the side provides an intuitive emergency solution in case of air default inside the suit. Other features include the patented exhaust valve that makes the suit compatible with decontamination showers and avoids the risk of valve clogging with caps. Additionally, a front zipper eliminates the need for assistance in wearing or removing the suit.

The polyester visor presents excellent optical properties for a wide field of vision and an improved resistance to dangerous chemical agents, while disposable cuffs enable the user to adjust the gloves’ size and type according to hand sizes and chemical risks.

The suit also offers three sole options: standard foot, under foot, anti-skid and dissipative sole, which can be adapted to different work environments.

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