Huber launches laboratory chiller without refrigerants

Published: 14-Dec-2020

Models with OLÉ controller are suitable for routine tasks in research and industry, the manufacturer says

Huber has introduced the Piccolo chiller incorporating thermoelectric Peltier technology. This reportedly enables accurate and rapid heating or cooling without refrigerant. The company also claims the model is maintenance-free.

With working temperatures of 4 to 70 °C and cooling capacities up to 280 W at 20 °C, the model is designed for applications in analysis, quality control, research laboratory, and material tests.

The chiller weighs 11.8 kg and measures 215x340x312 mm. It is operated with the OLÉ controller, and also equipped with OLED display, USB and RS232 interface. The device also has IP20 protection and an autostart function in the event of power failure.

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