IDRI joins ADITEC vaccine development project

Published: 18-Oct-2011

Global project has more than €40m of funding from EU and collaborating organisations

The US-based Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) has joined the Advanced Immunisation Technologies (ADITEC) programme, which aims to accelerate the development of human vaccines.

Launched this month, ADITEC has received €30m in funding over 5 years from the European Union, with an additional €11m from collaborating organisations.

ADITEC's team comprises 42 universities and research institutions spanning 13 countries, including competitive European establishments and leading vaccine development, systems biology, and adjuvant centres in the US.

The project is reinforced by a number of key European large pharmaceutical and smaller biotechnology companies. These firms are focusing on specific innovative technologies that will enable the development and manufacturing of safer vaccines. Additionally, the World Health Organization is supporting the project as a senior partner.

The ADITEC partnership covers a range of crucial aspects of vaccination, from basic research and new technologies to clinical trials and public health. It is anticipated that it will lead to improved potency and safety of vaccines and their components; new routes and devices of administration; optimised vaccination strategies; optimised formulations and vaccination methods for different age groups; better insight on the effects of gender; chronic diseases and genetic variation on vaccination; and widespread knowledge about the available new technologies.

Rino Rappuoli and Donata Medaglini of the Sclavo Vaccines Association (SVA) in Siena, Italy are coordinating the ADITEC progamme.

As a member of ADITEC partnership, Seattle-based IDRI will contribute its adjuvant platform technology and expertise in vaccine development.

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