ISP upgrades laboratory in Brazil

Published: 20-May-2010

Adds extruder and spheroniser equipment for pellet formulation development

ISP Pharmaceuticals, a global supplier of specialist chemicals and performance enhancing products for pharmaceutical applications, has installed a lab-scale extruder and multi-bowl spheroniser in its Sao Paulo laboratory in Brazil.

The equipment will be used to develop pharmaceutical pellets and evaluate excipients and coatings in pharmaceutical pellets prepared by extrusion spheronisation.

ISP will make the equipment available to customers focused on developing modified-release forms using extrusion spheronisation. The firm supplies Advantia performance coatings systems for enteric coating of pellets. It also supplies Plasdone and Polyplasdone polymers that show significant potential in the preparation of pharmaceutical pellets.

‘ISP is installing new equipment in order to work with our customers to fine-tune pellet formulations in a lab-scale environment. With the equipment in place and significant expertise in coating systems and polymer technologies, we are well equipped to provide on-the-spot technical service and support to formulators in Brazil and other regions of the world working on pellet formulation and enteric-release projects,’ said Stuart Porter, senior director, global pharma applications r&d at ISP.

The new equipment at Sao Paulo complements processing equipment in place at ISP laboratories in the US and India.

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