Image analysis reference standards now in single-shot format

Published: 10-Aug-2010

Suitable for latest generation of image analysis systems requiring only small amounts of sample

Whitehouse Scientific, a leading producer of calibration materials, is now offering its image analysis particle sizing reference standards in convenient and easy-to-use single-shot formats.

Packaged in weights suitable for today’s image analysers, these multi-modal standards have shown excellent reproducibility in a recent round-robin exercise involving leading laboratories working with a variety of different image analysis systems.


Sub-sampling of reference standards by users is not recommended because of the possibility of introducing errors and thus deviations from the certified size values. To avoid any need for this, the new set of 10 standards are packaged in weights from 5 to 20 gram. This makes them highly suitable for even the latest generation of image analysis systems, which require only relatively small amounts of sample.


External testing has produced results unsurpassed in any other similar particle sizing round robin. In particular, when the test data from manufacturers of image analysis systems were collated, the eight peak positions in a multimodal standard from 500 - 2000µm could be superimposed, showing the very close agreement between instruments for these standards.

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