Jackson Laboratory and Crown Bioscience announce global research agreement

Published: 21-Jun-2017

Crown Bioscience (CrownBio), a wholly owned subsidiary of Crown Bioscience International, and The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), have announced an agreement to improve the development and accessibility of innovative research models and preclinical services to the global biomedical research community

The agreement between Crown Bioscience, a global technology platform for oncology, and cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and JAX, a non-profit biomedical research institution and worldwide provider of high-quality research models and services, facilitates the shared objective of both organisations — to accelerate and advance the rate of preclinical research and discovery.

As part of the agreement, CrownBio will advance the use of JAX Mice in client research studies. CrownBio will increase the utilisation and improve access of JAX research models, including humanised NSG and NSG-SGM3, thus advancing the research and translational efforts of organisations globally.

JAX research scientists will have select access to CrownBio’s preclinical contract laboratory services, providing JAX scientists with additional resources and facilities in which to continue the search for cures for cancer and other diseases.

“The agreement with JAX heralds a significant step forward for oncology and immuno-oncology preclinical research,” said Jean-Pierre Wery, PhD, CEO of Crown Bioscience.

“The utilisation of JAX’s scientific-leading humanised and translational models in combination with our PDX technology platforms will ensure the greatest potential for translatable drug development.”

Research teams at JAX, focused on understanding the genetic and biochemical signatures that can be targeted by next-generation precision medicines, will immediately begin leveraging CrownBio’s vast research services in oncology and CVMD to generate new insights into therapeutic approaches to target disease.

“The Jackson Laboratory’s mission is to empower the global biomedical community in our shared quest to improve human health.”

“By harnessing our complementary strengths, this agreement allows us to propel scientific research and drug discovery globally by improving accessibility to the most advanced and highest quality preclinical research models and services,” stated Auro Nair, PhD, President of JAX Mice, Clinical and Research Services.

“Additionally, JAX research teams will be able to advance basic biological discoveries to therapies much more rapidly by utilising the world’s largest collection of PDX and cell-line models and services from CrownBio.”

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