Labtex unveils chemical packaging and desiccation cabinets

Published: 24-Nov-2022

The new OHAUS Defender 6000 extreme washdown bench scale is built to withstand heavy duty usage and high-pressure

Labtex has unveiled two different products, the Ohaus Defender 6000 chemical packaging system, and the Sicco desiccation cabinets.

In the chemical industry, packaging is an essential part of the process, and it comes with significant safety concerns. Chemical exposures present risk to operators, equipment, and workspaces. And cross-contamination presents risk to product quality and purity and potential danger to consumers. 

For these reasons, the packaging process, including filling and capping containers is typically automated with minimal human interaction. Hazardous chemicals must be packaged by bottle filling machines to limit human interaction and thus, exposure risks.

Durable, water-tight Defender 6000 stands up to harsh use and cleaning with IP68 immersion/IP69K washdown protection. A 316 stainless steel platform and frame, stainless steel loadcell, and sturdy indicators allow Defender 6000 to handle high water temperature, water pressure, and harsh cleaning products commonly used for washdown cleanings in chemical processing areas. 

Defender 6000 has an open-frame base design with no exposed threads, tight corners, or other places where material can build up. Additional safety features include a stability indicator, overload/underload indicators, auto shut-off, auto tare, and adjustable non-slip rubber feet.

The NSF-certified Defender 6000 meets metrological standards and supports HACCP systems, making it an excellent choice for regulated industrial environments like chemical processing and packaging.

Remarkably durable Defender 6000 is easy to clean, easy to operate, and offers the reliable precision and available support you have come to expect from OHAUS.

A cut and dried solution from Sicco - desiccation cabinets 

Sicco desiccators and drying cabinets are used in many different industrial sectors. Available in different sizes and with maximum of flexibility and functionality, they cover the full spectrum of protected drying and storage.

With robust construction, appealing design and sophisticated functionality Sicco desiccators set the standard.

Labtex unveils chemical packaging and desiccation cabinets

Desiccators for gas-filling

Sicco desiccators for gas-filling provide ideal conditions for safe and secure storage of poisonous chemicals. Rare or inert gases like nitrogen can be introduced as soon as the door is closed tightly. Compared to the ambient air, the inert gas does not react with the stored substances. 


Vacuum-desiccators for quick drying of substances and O2/CO2-free storage are suitable for storing sensitive products in a vacuum. The vacuum inside the desiccator ensures rapid drying of the stored products.

These systems allow storage in an oxygen and carbon dioxide free environment and are, for example, suitable for storage of semiconductor samples.


Sicco antistatic-desiccators can protect electronic components against humidity and airborne particulates in an antistatic atmosphere. Electrostatic charges are discharged by a grounding cable and a charge neutral atmosphere is produced inside the desiccator.

Antistatic-desiccators are mainly used for temporary storage of components for electronic products.

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