Lonza and Adva reach agreement on bioreactor patents

Published: 29-Jun-2022

Lonza and Adva Biotechnology have resolved their related patent litigation in the US

Effective May 15, 2022, Lonza and Adva Biotechnology have entered into a license agreement that will provide Adva access to core intellectual property enabling the expansion of automated bioreactors globally. Through the agreement, Lonza grants Adva a non-exclusive license to certain patents in its portfolio directed to smart automation and bioreactor control. Lonza and Adva have dismissed their ongoing litigation in the United States.

Previously, on January 21, 2022, in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Lonza obtained a preliminary injunction against Adva, preventing Adva from importing and offering their ADVA X3 device in the United States pending resolution of the case. With this agreement, this litigation and the injunction are now dismissed.

Adam Bryan, Head of Personalised Medicine, Lonza, said: “Lonza, as a leading technology supplier to cell and gene therapy developers, believes that smart automation is the path to address the challenges of scale facing the industry. By signing this agreement with Adva, both parties ensure that patients have clear access to technology that is needed to truly revolutionise cell therapy manufacturing. This agreement reflects the tremendous investment that Lonza has made in developing enabling technologies to enable a healthier world and we hope this agreement will allow Adva’s customers to continue developing and manufacturing life-changing therapies.”

Ohad Karnieli, PhD, CEO of Adva Biotechnology, said: “Adva Biotechnology’s vision is “Valuing life, granting advanced therapies to patients”. Therefore, Adva had developed a state-of-the-art smart advanced therapy manufacturing platform that can revolutionise the industry and enable more patients to be treated and lives to be saved. This agreement with Lonza reflects the common mission of enabling advanced therapies and allows Adva to further develop its robust solutions for the benefit of patients worldwide. Smart manufacturing platforms will revolutionise the way we treat cancer, and we are extremely excited to move forward with this mission. Concurrent to the license agreement, Adva is launching its ADVA X3 platform in the USA, which will grant patients access to life-saving therapies. Furthermore, this license will allow Adva to continue and develop more innovative solutions for the cell and gene therapies industry.”

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