Lonza host new webinar – "Bioreactor Aseptic Sampling and Process Control"

The free webinar that features bioprocess optimisation through automated, aseptic sampling for bioreactors enabling control of product quality attributes and accelerated development times

Lonza hosted a free 60-minute webinar yesterday (23 June) on how to gain control of bioprocesses through automated, aseptic sampling of bioreactors. Dr. Clint Pepper, Director, MAST Products, will present three case studies demonstrating cost savings and enhanced throughput and Product Quality Attribute (PQA) optimisation using the MAST Aseptic Sampling System, while maintaining bioreactor integrity.

One of the greatest challenges for bioprocess optimisation by pharmaceutical companies is to obtain and analyze reliable aseptic samples from bioreactors. Automated aseptic sampling technology not only maintains bioreactor integrity, but also significantly increases visibility to results, improving bioprocess control and resulting in faster development and transfer to manufacturing.

More information about the webinar is available here.