Lonza to manufacture anti-cancer drug for Sunshine Biopharma


Adva-27a is a small molecule that is shown to be effective at killing a number of different cancer cells

Canadian pharmaceutical company Sunshine Biopharma, which specialises in the development of drugs for the treatment of cancer, has signed an agreement with Lonza for the manufacture of its anti-cancer drug, Adva-27a.

Adva-27a is Sunshine Biopharma's leading anticancer compound, a Topoisomerase II inhibitor, small molecule that has recently been shown to be effective at killing a range of cancer cells. It is currently in the IND-enabling stage of development. The company is planning a Phase I clinical trial of Adva-27a for pancreatic cancer in parallel to the Phase I clinical trial for multidrug resistant breast cancer to be conducted at McGill University's Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

'We are delighted to have a global leader like Lonza as our manufacturing partner,' said Steve Slilaty, President and CEO of Sunshine Biopharma.

'We have made significant recent strides in terms of research results showing the effectiveness of our lead compound against cancer cells as well as in our manufacturing and recent fund raising efforts.'

Manufacturing of Adva-27a will begin at Lonza's Nansha, China facility with the remaining key steps to be conducted in the company's high containment cytotoxic facility in Visp, Switzerland.

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The Swiss company's manufacturing capacity ranges from gram quantities for process validation to kilogram amounts for clinical trials and ton quantities for commercialisation.