MHI to showcase EAGLE-Uni blister machine


Ideal for small-scale production, packaging development and material testing, the versatile unit performs forming, sealing and punching operations in consecutive steps at one universal station

Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI), the US subsidiary of Maruho, a Japanese healthcare company with subsidiaries in Europe and the US with global sales of $800 million will showcase its EAGLE-Uni semi-automatic blister machine 14–17 October at Healthcare Packaging Expo Booth #W-984.

Measuring more than 1.2 metres in length and less than a meter tall, the compact EAGLE-Uni offers a format area of 150x150 mm and forming depths up to 30 mm.

The machine handles a wide range of forming materials – including PVC, PVDC, ACLAR, PP, PET and ALU – and all typical lidding substrates including ALU, paper, PVC, PET and laminates. EAGLE-Uni can run up to 5 cycles/min and is suitable for packaging solids, powders, liquids or devices.

MHI’s booth will also showcase other machines in the EAGLE blister machine series, including the EAGLE-Pro, ideal for producing small-lot orders with multiple products; the EAGLE-Omni, whose platen sealing capabilities make it particularly versatile with a 30 mm forming depth; the EAGLE-Rx, capable of producing up to 200 blisters/min at a format area of 90x130 mm; and other high speed machines for high volume applications such as the EAGLE-Max, which is capable of producing up to 600 blisters/min.

“The EAGLE-Uni accomplishes an impressive set of functions in a small footprint – an important trait for successful small-batch blister packaging units,” said Tim Saarinen, Chief Operating Officer for MHI.

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“It is ideally suited for R&D and niche products, as it allows manufacturers and packagers to fine-tune their materials and blister configurations and, from there, commence small production runs. We look forward to showcasing the machine – as well as the other blister machines in the EAGLE series – at Healthcare Packaging Expo this fall.”