MKT 10 delivers high precision temperature measurement

Anton Paar launches the new Millikelvin Thermometer MKT 10, the small and easily portable "little brother" of MKT 50

MKT 10

The new MKT 10 comes in a convenient case which is easy to carry and even fits in your hand luggage.

This small Millikelvin Thermometer is a very accurate temperature measuring device with one sensor, and the parameters are entered into MKT 10 according to IEC 751.

It measures with an accuracy of 10 mK and is ideal for at-line measurements and quick measurements on-site. It is therefore ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries.

With MKT 10 it is also possible to measure directly in an instrument or in a liquid bath.

MKT 10 can be used in 3 modes: Temperature mode, temperature statistics mode and resistance statistics mode for measurement over a long period of time, both statistics of up to 50 values. The mean value can be calculated from up to 50 measurement values.

MKT 10 can be run on batteries or with Power over Ethernet - an ecologically friendly alternative. The Ethernet interface also allows easy communication with Anton Paar's DMA M instruments and the SVM series of viscometers.

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