More than just a calendar

Published: 22-Nov-2017

METTLER TOLEDO’s limited-edition 2018 lab calendar provides content to help refine lab practices

METTLER TOLEDO is best known for its tailor-made weighing solutions and wide selection of useful information that can help improve lab processes. To compliment this product selection, the company have released a limited edition lab calendar: “The Things that Changed the World.”

Laboratory Weighing Expertise 2018 provides a month-per-page calendar, each with a specific focus on an important aspect of accurate, productive lab weighing.

Each month also includes free value content related to the topic presented to help readers refine lab practices.

As each month’s visual is revealed, users will discover how that particular item changed how the world is viewed.

Special links and QR codes on each page also give access to white papers, guides and more.

Users will find tips and tricks to help optimise weighing performance and processes such as moisture analysis, calibration and routine balance testing.


  • A high-quality, colourful wall calendar
  • Monthly value content that includes information on the upcoming ISO revision, laboratory productivity, proper moisture analysis techniques and service
  • Visuals for the “Things that Changed the World” and how they apply to day-to-day lab life.

Order the limited-edition, full-colour 2018 print calendar here.

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