Morimatsu Group acquires Pharmadule of Sweden

Published: 15-Jun-2011

New company to be called Pharmadule Morimatsu and based in Stockholm

Morimatsu Industry Co, a privately owned Japanese pioneer of tank technology, has acquired Pharmadule of Sweden for an undisclosed sum.

Pharmadule is a leading supplier of modular manufacturing facilities for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

The two companies have been working together since autumn 2009 and signed a collaboration agreement in January 2010. They have complementary products.

The new company will be called Pharmadule Morimatsu and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Morimatsu gains access to Pharmadule’s modular construction technology, which can be adapted for various industries.

Through Morimatsu’s presence in China and its experience in process systems, Pharmadule says it will be able to take advantage of more cost-effective manufacturing and supplement Morimatsu’s product portfolio of process skids and modules.

Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co (SMP), a Morimatsu group company, specialises in the fabrication of process skids and modules for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, as well as for the cosmetics and food and beverage industries. SMP will work closely with Pharmadule Morimatsu to create additional value for customers.

‘We can now offer not only modular manufacturing buildings but also the process unit operations in the form of process skids and process modules. This is the first time a supplier can offer a truly integrated production service to its clients, all fabricated in the same workshop,’ said Daniel Ding, chief executive of Pharmadule Morimatsu.

Designing and delivering modular manufacturing facilities will be conducted by Pharmadule Morimatsu, which will focus on engineering, project management and validation.

The company also has operations in the US, China and Japan as well as representation in various markets globally.

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