NSF International hosts inaugural Health Sciences Symposium

Published: 14-Mar-2022

The Health Science Symposium will feature a global line-up of industry experts discussing the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, medical device, and IVD sectors

Leading global public health and safety organisation, NSF International, will be hosting its inaugural Health Sciences Symposium on 16 March 2022. The event will be a free-to-attend half-day virtual conference assessing the shifts impacting the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, medical device, and IVD sectors.

The symposium will be hosted by Clare Forrestier, who is an experienced compere and was a BBC journalist for over 20 years. The event will be split into two tracks, with panels hosted by leading industry experts discussing key topics facing the health science and pharmaceutical sectors. The first half will focus on Medical Devices and IVDs, with the second half centring on Pharma and Dietary Supplements.

Session topics include:

  • The Global Regulatory Landscape: Time to Harmonise? As international trade, supply and distribution make the world easier to reach, could the vast differences in country-specific regulations make global business impossible?
  • Cybersecurity is Critical: Pulling up the Digital Drawbridge Rising instances of tampering with and counterfeiting medical devices and IVDs require a proactive patient safety approach; what steps can protect patients AND maintain affordability?
  • Compliant in a Digital World: Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow Undoubtedly, the digitalisation, automation and modularisation of drug and device development offer patients great benefits, but can regulators stay abreast of the changes and help ensure patient safety?
  • Keeping Pace with the Ever-Changing Pharmaceutical Landscape Once again, the drug manufacturing sector is in transition; with evermore potent molecules and biologics in the pipeline, can regulators keep pace with the speed of change being driven by the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Ensuring Supply Chain Security in a Post-Pandemic World COVID-19 exposed the weak links in many global supply chains, causing shortages and production delays. Has this given us an opportunity to rethink our supply chains? If so, what will the follow-on effect be for the wider industry?
  • The Increasing Importance of Dietary Supplements in a Post-Covid World The events of 2020 and 2021 have placed personal health front and centre for many and encouraged more people to take an active interest in health and wellbeing. As part of that, there has been significant growth in the dietary supplements industry. How can companies stand apart from the competition in this burgeoning marketplace?

The event will also feature a keynote session from Heather Howell, Acting Vice President of Health Sciences, at NSF International. Heather will discuss the global health care environment in a post-pandemic world. We have witnessed a seismic shift in health care in the last two years. What does this mean as we look to the next iteration of the health care industry and the role of big-tech and digitisation in the future of health?

"Our first-ever symposium is an exciting opportunity to bring together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers in the health science industry", said Heather Howell, Acting Vice President of Health Sciences, at NSF International. "Our speakers will have an opportunity to tackle the most challenging and pertinent topics in the post-COVID world – it's set to be an insightful event!"

The virtual event will take place between 1pm – 5pm GMT on Wednesday 16 March. It will be accessible live online, and you can book a place for free here: https://bit.ly/34YGOOt

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