Nemera's Advancia Snap-on nasal spray pump launches in South Korea


JW Pharmaceutical has released its decongestant range for adults and kids

courtesy of JW Pharmaceutical

courtesy of JW Pharmaceutical

After the launch of Nemera’s next generation nasal spray pump with a Crimp-on version, Advancia Snap-on version is now available on the South Korean market with an intranasal decongestant nasal spray.

JW Pharmaceutical recently launched its decongestant range in two formats with Advancia Snap-on: Adults and Kids.

Advancia provides patients with a user-friendly packaging and convenient anti-clogging technology:

  • The thinner actuator extremity is designed to suit both children and adults
  • The protective overcap is more hygienic and enables transportation in a bag or pocket, preventing accidental actuation
  • With its user-independence and anti-clogging technical features, patients are guaranteed to receive a full dose, no matter how they use their nasal spray

This user-independent device delivers consistent doses, exceeding the most stringent regulatory requirements. With its anti-clogging technology, the system ensures spray delivery even with formulations that tend to crystallise. The extended prime retention, up to several months, offers a unique solution for on-and-off treatments; the patients do not have to re-prime the pump to ensure full delivery of the dose after multiple weeks of non-use. All these features improve patient compliance.

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In summary, Advancia Snap-on is designed to offer several advantages:

  • Protective and hygienic overcap
  • User-independence
  • Mechanical closing tip to prevent problems due to clogging
  • Excellent dose consistency
  • Long prime retention
  • No metal part in contact with the formulation
  • Compatible with FEA 20mm neck finish bottles (plastic or glass)
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