NiTech Solutions chooses Nalas Engineering for a partnership in the US


The maker of continuous oscillating baffle reactors has joined forces with the chemistry and chemical company based in Centerbrook, Connecticut

Nalas is an expert in continuous processing and scale-up. The company’s lab is equipped with a NiTech DN15 unit, which is available for evaluating and developing chemical synthesis and crystallisation processes in continuous flow.

The company also offers a full suite of in situ analytical tools, plus a full analytical suite for offline chemical analysis and solid-state characterisation.

“The ability to efficiently handle solid-liquid mixtures and control crystallisation processes in continuous flow is an exciting prospect for Nalas and our projects going forward,” said Jerry Salan, CEO OF Nalas Engineering.

“We have significant experience with continuous crystallisation, continuous reactions, reaction kinetics and in situ process monitoring, which we will leverage to help design and optimise continuous processes in the DN15. We look forward to working with new and existing customers to do crystallisations and reactions using the NiTech DN15 unit for a wide range of materials, from pharmaceutical APIs to energetic materials.”

The move its part of NiTech’s ongoing strategy to develop its global capabilities to serve markets around the world. It has made a number of other key strategic appointments in the UK and Europe.

NiTech CEO, Will Davies, commented: “We will continue to develop the organisation during 2019 and expand our sales/technical service capability to help customers gain the benefits of our continuous reaction and crystallisation technology.”

NiTech has recently installed its technology with customers in the US, Canada, China, the UK and other European countries.

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The units range from lab to pilot and manufacturing scale in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and personal care market segments.