Novasep and Triclinic Labs to offer solid-state chemistry services

Published: 19-Sep-2016

The French supplier to the life sciences industry will offer early-stage solid-state chemistry services in North America

Novasep, a French supplier of services and technologies for the life sciences industry, has formed a partnership with Triclinic Labs, a US-based provider of contract pharmaceutical and fine chemical solid-state development services.

This is Novasep’s first partnership to focus on early-stage, solid-state services. These services will be offered in addition to the firm's existing early-stage, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis and purification services and will be made available to customers in North America as well as other regions.

The newly formed alliance between the two companies will enable both to offer a full API development service, ranging from first chemical synthesis to solid form optimisation.

Novasep’s services will be extended to include solid form screening, selection, development, characterisation and analytical method development.

'While there are numerous synthesis companies and early stage development groups, this alliance is distinctive as it pairs two leading companies with extensive, unique and demonstrated physical and analytical chemistry capabilities,' said Dr David Bugay, CSO of Triclinic Labs.

'We can now offer large and small molecule screening, characterisation, purification, control, scale up, method development/validation and intellectual property support capabilities.'

While the efficiency of a drug is based on its intrinsic nature and its interactions with biological targets, the preparation process has a strong impact on these properties, the firm said.

Finding the most appropriate solid phase can advance these features. The best solid phase – be it a crystalline polymorph, salt, cocrystal or amorphous form – can maximise physicochemical properties and therefore improve drug efficiency.

'This new partnership with Triclinic Labs enables us to expand our offering to our clients by adding services onto the last stage of product development,' said Dr Michel Spagnol, CEO of Novasep.

'The alliance emphasises our continued commitment towards the North American market, following the recent opening of our US-based synthesis laboratory and kilo lab in Boothwyn, PA,' added Andrew Brennan, General Manager at Novasep’s US operations.

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