Novasep launches Sius single-use TFF skid

Published: 19-Feb-2013

First 100% single-use TFF solution for pre-clinical to clinical cGMP biomanufacturing

Novasep, a French supplier of purification solutions to the life sciences industry, says its Sius single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) is the first on the market to offer a 100% single-use TFF solution.

The compact Sius TFF skid comprises an automated benchtop unit with a fully disposable flowpath. It is capable of lab to pilot scale TFF operations.

Novasep says the unit eliminates the risk of cross contamination and widens the market for disposable TFF solutions, accommodating surface areas from 0.1m2 to 2m2 for microfiltration and ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) applications.

The company says it has achieved a 73–80% reduction in consumable price to US$800/m2 by designing the TangenX Sius single-use TFF cassettes to be more cost-effective. This compares with $3,000/m2 to $4,000/m2 for competing products.

Disposable technologies are said to offer numerous benefits over traditional reusable technologies. One of the most important of these is a time saving of 50–70% using Sius technology over traditional reusable TFF technologies.

The Novasep Sius TFF skid’s flowpath can be combined with TangenX Sius TFF cassettes and filter plate inserts with the option of a feed bag to provide a complete single-use TFF solution. It is also one of the only solutions to enable cGMP validated integrity tests.

‘As the biopharmaceutical market continues to evolve, demand continues to rise for more cost-effective and comprehensive solutions,’ said Alain Lamproye, President of Novasep’s Biopharma business unit. ‘Novasep has reacted to this by concentrating on continuing to increase its product and service portfolio in the downstream processing marketplace and we will continue to do so. By launching Sius TFF Skid, Novasep now offers the first 100% single-use TFF solution on the market while remaining very cost-effective. We are also developing a larger-scale Sius TFF skid to cover commercial-scale applications.’

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