Novasep launches commercial-scale HPLC chromatography system

Published: 26-Oct-2021

The Hipersep Process M can be customised with modular options to respond to customer-specific needs

Novasep has announced the launch of the Hipersep Process M, an HPLC chromatography system designed for the purification of pharmaceutical molecules such as peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin and other synthetic molecules.

The system improves on the company's Hipersep Pilot, launched in 2017, which featured a 2.5 sqm compact design and the Hipersep SC software.

Process M, the latest addition to the line, offers updated features for market requirements. It can perform high-pressure chromatography runs up to 100 bars. Its also suited for purification processes requiring temperatures up to 85 °C, which is important for pharmaceutical applications such as oligonucleotides. These temperatures are reportedly managed and maintained autonomously by a system of thermoregulation functions. Owing to an extended flow range to obtain 60 to 500 l/h, or 20 to 200 l/h with the low flow version, the Process M is compatible with the company's Prochrom columns LC110 to LC450 mm.

The system can be customised with modular options to respond to customer-specific needs.

Jean-Luc Beulay, Marketing & Product Development Director of Novasep's Equipment Solutions Business Unit remarks: "Hipersep Process M makes scale-up with Hipersep Pilot a reality. It builds on existing strengths in terms of cleaning and modularity while adding new features that are unique at this production scale. This innovation reflects our commitment to our customers and the patients they serve: to offer state-of-the-art industrial equipment designed to be faster, safer, simpler, and always fully customisable, from the development phase to full-scale commercial production.”

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