Novel high speed rack reader promotes accuracy and compatibility

Published: 8-Dec-2023

AFYS3G launches its first camera-based rack reader for fast and precise rack reading: the AFYS3G High Speed Rack Reader Delta50

Owing to its camera-based design, the Delta50 can read and decode racks with 2D coded tubes in less than 2 seconds.

The Delta50 comes standard with the in-house made AFYS3G Delta Decoding Software.

This software is specifically developed to decode 2D tubes in ANSI/SLAS format racks from a variety of brands.

Benefits of the Delta50

The High-Speed Rack Reader Delta50 can read 1D rack barcodes and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes from a 24-, 48,- 96- or 138 format rack at once.

The AFYS3G Delta Decoding Software has an intuitive interface and is convenient to use. After decoding, the data can easily be exported to XML, CSV, and TXT files.

The Delta50 comes with a build-in USB cable, to connect the device to a PC or laptop.

This way, the user can read racks right away. Using the High Speed Rack Reader Delta50 can enhance the sample storage and retrieval process in any research laboratory.

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