OM Pharma and AstraZeneca enter collaboration for Chinese market

Published: 6-Nov-2020

The long-term collaboration aims to leverage both parties’ expertise, providing more treatment options for patients in China

OM Pharma and AstraZeneca celebrated a strategic collaboration agreement today at a partnership signing ceremony in Shanghai.

The agreement grants AstraZeneca exclusive rights to import, distribute and promote OM Pharma’s Broncho-Vaxom (Bacterial Lysates - OM-85) in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan). Broncho-Vaxom is a therapeutic agent that prevents and treats recurrent or acute respiratory infections in adult and pediatric patients by boosting the host immunity.

The safety profile and clinical benefits of Broncho-Vaxom are validated by clinical evidence. China ’Consensus of Management of Children with RRTI’ strongly recommends bacterial lysates as a cost-effective prevention of RRTI in children.

Josef Troxler, CEO of OM Pharma, commented: “Broncho-Vaxom is one of OM Pharma’s flagship products. The product has been used for a long time in clinical settings for the prevention of respiratory infections and immunological conditions. This highly synergistic collaboration between OM Pharma and AstraZeneca will improve the accessibility of Broncho-Vaxom, accelerate the product’s growth in the Chinese market, and further solidify OM Pharma’s lead in the field of respiratory diseases and immunological therapies.”

Michael Lai, General Manager of AstraZeneca China, said: “AstraZeneca has been deeply rooted in China for 27 years. Staying true to our patient-centric mission, we continue to focus our efforts on the therapeutic areas with the most urgent medical needs and on providing high quality medicines for patients. Respiratory & Immunology are key areas of focus for AstraZeneca China. We hope to broaden and deepen the market penetration of Broncho-Vaxom to improve the health of more patients in need.”

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