Ocean Optics enhances Raman product line

Options range from modular setups to fully integrated systems

Ocean Optics offers a complete line of Raman options for handheld, laboratory-grade and teaching lab applications

Miniature spectroscopy pioneer Ocean Optics has enhanced its line of Raman offerings with the addition of new options for handheld, laboratory and educational applications, with retail pricing on some Raman analyser models reduced by up to 40%. Modular, turnkey and application-ready kits are among the options available for 532nm and 785nm Raman laser analysis of aqueous solutions, powders and surface media.

Modular options allow users to configure custom Raman systems, tailored to their application. The Ocean Optics high-sensitivity QE65000 Spectrometer is a good foundation, with additional options that include Bragg grating-stabilised 532nm and 785nm diode lasers, probes for solid or liquid samples and add-on software modules for sophisticated data analysis. Among the software options are a package for chemometric analysis of various substances, including complex mixtures; a tool for creating and managing spectral libraries; and a tool for supporting compliance with 21 CFR 11, a Food and Drug Administration guideline on electronic records and signatures.

For off-the-shelf solutions, Ocean Optics has expanded its range of fully integrated Raman systems. All system options include the spectrometer, a 532nm or 785nm laser, operating software and sampling accessories for probe- or cuvette-based analysis. The 532nm laser version has spectral range of 200-3400cm-1 (Stokes shift) and spectral resolution of ~10 cm-1. Several 785nm laser options are available, including an economical system ideal for teaching labs and a pair of robust laboratory-grade systems with slightly narrower spectral ranges (150-1800 cm-1 and 150-3200 cm-1) and spectral resolution of ~6-10 cm-1. In addition, Ocean Optics offers the RSL-Plus, a budget-friendly handheld Raman system that includes an onboard mini-computer, fibre optic probe and sample compartment.

Ocean Optics also offers additional Raman accessories such as calibration standards, sample compartments and safety glasses. Application-ready combinations of Raman systems, software and accessories are available as off-the-shelf kits.