Olon's expansion of capability


To further expand and increase its internal capability in developing new API, Olon announces the investment in a new spray dryer, in its R&D centre based in Rodano (Milan, Italy)

Olon's expansion of capability

The new equipment will be complementary to the freeze dryers, with which the R&D centre is already equipped. This is a step forward fitting into the strategic direction that the company is pursuing to create an internal “centre of excellence for finishing API”.

The centre of excellence, along with this new equipment, implies a continuous improvement of the skills applied to the characterisation of the solid using different analytical technology already available in Olon, along its development. Olon can offer to the customer a wider and customised set of the API fully physically characterised meeting the customer demand for and optimal, efficient, and reproducible API formulation to guarantee the target bioavailability of the product.

The expertise, according to the company R&D model, will be applicable to all the other R&D Olon centres at the global level and to all the different therapeutic areas covered by Olon portfolio.

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The investment fits into the vision of representing a Partner for pharma companies, enhancing competitiveness by catching the best time to market, and supporting early launches of generics.