Ori Biotech expands board of directors and scientific advisory board


Dr Annalisa Jenkins will join Ori’s board of directors, and Robert Preti will join its scientific advisory board

Ori Biotech, a specialist in CGT manufacturing technologies, has announced additions to its board of directors and scientific advisory board. Ori has made these additions as it moves from an R&D focus to commercialisation in preparation for the launch of its first-generation platform. Dr Annalisa Jenkins will join Ori’s board of directors, and Robert Preti will join its scientific advisory board. These appointments follow the recent C-suite additions of Kevin Gordon as Chief Data and Operating Officer (CDOO) and Stuart Milne as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Annalisa Jenkins brings experience building and scaling commercial businesses in life sciences, specifically cell and gene therapy. As CEO of Dimension Therapeutics, Board Chair at Kuur (formerly CellMedica) and a Director of several additional healthcare organisations, Jenkins has built private companies and taken them onto the public markets in both the US and UK.

Robert Preti, former chair of the Alliance of Regenerative Medicine and founder of PCT, brings more than 30 years of CGT business building experience to Ori’s Scientific Advisory Board. He also has CGT manufacturing expertise, having built the former PCT that became Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutic Services and most recently Minaris Regenerative Medicine.

“Having recently expanded Ori’s management, operational and scientific teams, the appointment of experienced industry leaders like Annalisa and Bob puts Ori in an incredibly strong position. This is as we rapidly move from R and D into a commercial launch focus, expanding our work with new and existing commercial partners to bring our first-generation platform to market. As a new member of our accomplished Board, Annalisa’s range of global expertise and leadership, specifically with regulators and bringing companies public, will play a vital role in guiding Ori as we enter the next phase,” said Jason C. Foster, CEO, Ori Biotech.

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“Adding Bob’s tremendous experience and extensive global network to our Advisory Board together with other leaders in cell and gene therapy like Bruce Levine, Anthony Davies, Morrie Ruffin, Deanna Peterson and Jian Irish, further strengthens Ori’s scientific and clinical expertise to deliver on our mission to enable widespread patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies,” said Farlan Veraitch, CSO and founder of Ori Biotech.