Patheon forms Certified Consultants Service

Team of industry experts will provide advice or be a hands-on partner to emerging companies

Patheon, a global provider of contract development and manufacturing services, has formed Patheon Certified Consultants, in which a team of industry veterans will provide a unique service to emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as their investors, to help address early-, mid- and late-stage CMC questions in drug development.

This group of professionals has collectively brought to market more than 200 pharmaceutical products, including some of the largest blockbusters in the world. They possess a depth and range of strategic and practical expertise that is unmatched by any other consulting service available today, the firm says.

Patheon’s Certified Consultants include:

  • Leah Appel, who has 20 years’ development experience at Bend Research and INTERx, and is co-inventor of more than 35 drug delivery patents and applications.
  • Brett Berner, who has 30 years’ product development experience at Depomed, Cygnus and Ciba. He has produced 10 marketed products and 30 drug delivery patents.
  • Lynn Van Campen, who has 30 years’ development experience at Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Inhale/Nektar and the University of Wisconsin and has contributed to 18 marketed products.
  • Joe Fix, who has 30 years’ development experience at CyDex, NanoSystems/Elan, Yamanouchi and Alza. He has contributed to 24 patents including four NECs, 13 LCMs, four OTCs and three generics.
  • Larry Gatlin, who has 25 years’ experience at Genentech, Glaxo and Pfizer, as well as multiple patents, INDs and NDAs, over 20 publications.
  • John Kent, who has 30 years’ development experience at Theravance, Syntex and Allergan and has more than 20 products and CMC, IND and NDA filings.
  • Bob Lipper, who has 30 years’ product development experience at Pfizer and BMS and has ushered multiple products through the r&d process.
  • Doug Mendenhall, who has 35 years’ experience at Abbott, Glaxo/GSK and Merck and has contributed to 70 commercial products.
  • George Mooney, who has 30 years’ development experience at Boehringer Ingelheim, Lederle and Pfizer. He has developed 100 NME, INDs, 15 NCEs, NDAs and more than 30 products.
  • Ann Newman, who has 20 years’ experience at BMS and SSCI/Aptuit and has contributed to eight commercial products.
  • Rodney Pearlman, who has 30 years’ development experience at Eli Lilly, Genentech and Valentis. He is ceo of two start-ups, Saegis and Nuon.
  • Mark Staples, who has more than 27 years’ experience with early and mid-stage companies. He has contributed to the launch of three products both biologic and small molecule.

They are all equipped to serve as a critical advisor or hands-on partner to organisations of any size as they make their decisions to transition molecules from discovery to development and scale-up, says Patheon.