Pico-Glide provides improved droplet microfluidics

Published: 30-Mar-2012

Suitable for the treatment of glass and PDMS microfluidic channels

Dolomite, a UK manufacturer of microfluidic systems and devices, has released Pico-Glide, a novel surface coating agent for improved droplet microfluidics.

Developed by Sphere Fluidics in Cambridge, Pico-Glide is the latest addition to Dolomite’s range of specialist chemicals, which include general oils and surfactants, interface stabilisation agents as well as surface coating agents.

Pico-Glide is suitable for the treatment of both glass and PDMS microfluidic channels to create a uniform and dense fluorophilic layer ensuring improved droplet performance and stability.

Available in 5ml, 10ml and 25ml, the agent can be used with Dolomite’s Droplet Junction Chips benefiting applications including biotechnology, DNA analysis and cell studies.

Sphere Fluidics is commercialising new lab-on-a-chip and picodroplet technology from Cambridge University that can perform thousands of simultaneous reactions on single cells and small populations of molecules contained within aqueous droplets, fractions of a millimetre in size.

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