Piramal to expand antibody drug conjugate manufacture with £2m investment at Grangemouth plant

Expects to create up to 20 skilled jobs at the facility

Piramal Healthcare UK is investing £2m to expand its manufacturing plant at Grangemouth, Scotland to produce antibody drug conjugates for global markets.

The Indian company says the investment will yield additional revenue of £3–£5m over the next five years.

Piramal expects to create up to 20 skilled jobs at the facility, supported by £200,000 Regional Selective Assistance funding.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: 'We have a thriving research and innovation led life sciences sector and Piramal is seeing the benefit of that as they manufacture products that are involved in the treatment of various types of cancer.'

Piramal Healthcare Site Lead, Mark Wright, said: 'Piramal Healthcare UK has been growing its operations in Grangemouth since 2005 and currently employs around 140 people in predominantly highly skilled positions. We aim to scale up this facility in the next five years to maintain its position as a global leader in the production of antibody drug conjugates.'

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